Histomorphological effects of caffeinated energy drinks on cerebellum of adult male albino rats


  • Syeda Sara Bano Bokhari
  • Dr Faiza Shafqat Umair CMH LMC and IOD
  • Saeed shafi Shafi
  • Ashraf Hussain Hussain
  • Sarwat bukhari




caffeinated energy drink cerebellum histomorphology


Energy drinks are widely being used by different age groups especially by teenagers in Pakistan. Higher level of caffeine in energy drinks have harmful effects on histology of brain tissue.  This study aims to determine the impact of oral administration of red bull on cerebellum of adult male albino rats. Red bull in dosage of 3.75 m/kg body weight was administered by oral gavage daily for 4 weeks to experimental group B followed by normal diet for next 4 weeks. Experimental group C was given 3.75 m/kg body weight of red bull for consecutive 8 weeks. The cerebellum was excised in each animal and weighted; fixed in formalin, stained with Haematoxyline and Eosin. Sections were observed for histological cytoarchitecture. Results were taken in forms of photomicrographs and analysed. Observations showed marked detachment of pia mater along with congestion, marked hypertrophy of molecular layer along with distortion of purkinje cells and shrinkage of granular layer in experimental group C. Changes were minimal to mild in experimental group B.  Therefore, it is concluded that consumption of caffeinated energy drinks should be restricted to avoid their harmful effects on cerebellum leading to sleep disturbances and motor incoordination.



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