Knowledge Assessment of Designing of Removable Partial Dentures


  • Hina Zafar Raja CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry, Lahore.



Removable partial denture, Design, Patients, Knowledge, Dental students, Prosthodontics, Assessment


Objectives: To assess the knowledge of designing removable partial dentures amongst graduates of last five years and to assess the association of experience with knowledge of designing removable partial dentures.

Study Design & Setting: A questionnaire based survey conducted in three dental colleges of Lahore.

Subjects & Methods: Graduates of the last 5 years were categorized in two groups according to their ages. They were asked to design a removable partial denture for a given Kennedy's class and knowledge about the design was assessed through questions. The experience of respondents was compared with their knowledge.

Results: In the age group of 21-25 years, approximately 73% subjects scored > 50%, whereas in the age group of 26-31 years, approximately 59% of the subjects scored>50%, 14% of general dental practitioners had fabricated only 5 RPDS. p value was <0.01.

Conclusion: Awareness about the designing of RPDs was unsatisfactory. Experience of designing RPDs had a positive correlation with knowledge.




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