A Case Report on Pancoast Tumor


  • Um-ul-Baneen CMH Lahore Medical College
  • Muhammad Shah Hussain
  • Fateema Tanveer
  • Muhammad Ali Lak
  • Fatima Ali
  • Wasay Arshad




Case report: Lung cancer presenting as upper extremity pain


To present and discuss a case of Pancoast Tumor: an apical lung neoplasm, and subsequently
highlight the clinical importance of chronic and progressive complaints, pertaining to this pathology,
in helping to detect it and form an early diagnosis.
Case: A 55-year-old non-smoker male patient, with a known case of gout and uncontrolled diabetes
mellitus, presented to emergency with complaints of severe right-sided pain in the chest, subscapular
and axillary regions. His electrocardiogram (ECG) and cardiac enzyme came out to be normal. Chest
X-ray showed an opacity in the apex of the right lung. On contrast-enhanced computed tomography
(CECT), there were enhancing multi-focal lesions in the apical segment of the right lung making a
diagnosis of Pancoast tumor.
Even though, it may be missed in the early stages as the tumor cannot be seen on imaging investigations
and biopsy is more specific at this time, imaging studies do play a substantial role in diagnosing this
tumor. Due to the challenges in diagnosing this rare type of lung neoplasm, it is usually diagnosed
when it has locally invaded.
Conclusion: Awareness regarding clinically important warning signs of Pancoast tumors such as
chronic and progressive neck and shoulder pain can help healthcare professionals, most notably but
not exclusively, chiropractors, in prompt identification of these signs and symptoms, thus facilitating
a timely medical and/or surgical referral and an early diagnosis of this pathology. A thorough
examination can assist in early diagnosis and lead to a subsequent decrease in mortality and an
improvement in quality of life.
Keywords: Pancoast syndrome, Neck pain, Lung neoplasms.



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