Significance of Feedback Analysis in Undergraduate Gross Anatomy Teaching


  • Dr Shaista Jarral CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry, Lahore.


Gross Anatomy Teaching, Student's Feedback, Evaluation


Background& Objectives: Gross anatomy teaching is fundamental in the future learning of clinical subjects in undergraduate medical courses. Students are the most important stakeholders in this process of teaching and learning, so their constant feedback evaluation is essential to construct a comprehensive, clinically oriented, composite gross anatomy curriculum. The present study was carried out to assess and evaluate students' feedback regarding gross anatomy teaching/assessment in CMH Medical College Lahore.

Study design: Cross sectional, descriptive studies

Place & duration of study: Conducted in the Anatomy department of CMH Lahore Medical College.

Methods: Present study was based on the observation and analysis of a feedback data. A total of 150 medical students of the first year MBBS class took part in this study. A feedback opinion form was distributed amongst them during the active session. The form comprised of 16 questions, based on the subject matter, instructional methodology, standard of teaching, teaching instruments, modes of assessment used, and students' suggestions for improvement in the current state of gross anatomy teaching.

Results: Although majority (77%) of the students showed interest in the subject and were satisfied with the subject matter, methodology and tools of teaching but a quite reasonable (23%) number of students suggested that audiovisual aids and innovative tools should have been used more. Moreover, they wanted more CBL sessions and clinical visits.

Conclusion: The traditional teaching tools are becoming less affective as well as the new student of modern age becomes more challenging to handle, modification in the courses and redesigning the teaching tools is the need of the hour for an efficacious, balanced gross anatomy course. As there is always a room for improvement, a constant system of feedback analysis can make teaching-learning more conducive to our learning outcomes as well as more fun for students.




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