A Case Report of Dynamic MR Imaging of Cerebral Fat Embolism


  • Brig (R) Dr Tariq Mehmood Mirza Combined Military Hospital, Lahore.


Cerebral Fat Embolism, Starfield pattern, MRI, long bone trauma


Cerebral fat embolism (CFE) is highly associated with long bone fractures however incidence is low. Imaging features show spectrum of findings. A 23-year-old male was admitted with right femur fracture in a road traffic accident. Surgically operated patient developed deteriorating confusion and altered sensorium. Subsequent MRI of the brain showed innumerable punctate hyperintense lesions on T2- and T2weighted, FLAIR and restricted diffusion on DW consistent with "starfield" pattern. After 27days hospital stay with supportive therapy patient regained complete neurological function and was discharged home. Diagnosis of CFE remains a challenge because of its various presentations, reversibility and distribution of the brain lesions. MR imaging of the brain by using T2-weighted, (FLAIR), diffusion weighted, and susceptibility-weighted imaging has been applied to CFE and has improved the ability to make an early diagnosis.




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