Perception and Practice of Using Energy Drinks by Medical Students of Private Medical College


  • Omar Zaman Khan CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry, Lahore.



Perception, Prevalence, Medical students, Energy drinks


Objective: To determine pattern, frequency and reasons behind usage of energy drinks among medical students of Pakistan. Study design: Descriptive study.
Place and duration of the study: From August 2015 to January 2016 at Combined Military Hospital, Lahore.
Methodology: The study was cross sectional. Research questionnaires were distributed among and filled by 350 medical students. All the data was analyzed by using SPSS 23.The research factors and responses were correlated.
Results: Of the 350 medical students, there were 186(53.1%) males and 164(46.8%) females: 124(35%) considered themselves regular users of energy drinks. The most common brand consumed was "sting" by 52.4%(65) users, followed by red bull used by 35.4%(44) of the users. Of 350 students,124(35.4%) thought that energy drinks helped to stay awake longer, 88(25%) couldn't give any response regarding their perception since they didn't consider themselves active energy drink users and 62(17%) thought energy drinks decreased tiredness.
Conclusion: Majority of the medical students do not consume energy drinks. Among consumers, Sting is the most popular energy drink and the dominant perception and reasoning for energy drink consumption are the need for increased wakefulness and decreased tiredness.




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