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MedERA-Journal of CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry(JCMHLMC) [ISSN(p): 2521-0106 , ISSN(l): 2789-3081] is an open-access peer-reviewed biomedical journal that publishes current research related to all the aspects of medical sciences. The acronym MedERA stands for Medical and Experimental Research Articles. It is a biannual (2 isssues per year), double blind peer reviewed, broad-spectrum, and open-access journal that is indexed in Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), EuroPub, GoogleScholar, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI), Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD), and Advanced Science Index (ASI). The journal publishes Original Articles, Case-reports, Review Articles, Meta-analyses, Commentaries, Editorial, Innovatory papers, and invited reviews that conforms to its scope and editorial standards. To foster the trend of research among medical students, it has a special 'Students section' that publishes good quality research by the students after a rigorous editorial processing. The Journal uses the standard Online Journal System (OJS) for online research submission, processing, review, correspondence and publishing. CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry is the parent body of this Journal.

It started 4 years back by the name of 'Journal of CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry (JCMHLMC)' as a biannual medical journal. Its first issue was published in June 2017  in print form only. 4 issues were published by the end of 2018. Since, then due to management issues, its publication was stopped. It resumed  its processing in both online and print formats in 2021 and since then 4 consecutive issues have been published and the journal is working on more issues with quality research articles. The journal is free and open access. No charges are taken from the authors and the journal is available free of cost in both online and print formats. All the publishing charges are paid by the parent body. 

Aims and Objectives

(1) To upkeep an open platform for researchers supporting HEC-Objectives of gradually creating research-culture in higher education institutions.

(2) To promote innovative research in medical field  and to provide free platform to researchers  with eminence contribution towards the medical  community to publish valuable  research work.

(3) To publish the recent advances in research with special emphasis on clarity of presentation and precision of the data. 

(4) To implement all quality measures proposed by the R&D (HEC) to generate and publish genuine research work in the research journal.

(5) To publish the multi-disciplinary research work of international and national researchers as per the scope of journal within the social sciences domain.

Scope of the Journal

We publish materials of interest to practitioners and scientists in the broad field of medicine from medical, dental and allied subjects (all basic medical sciences and related clinical subjects) including medical education as well as from biological and biomedical sciences. Articles describing original qualitative, quantitative, human or laboratory studies are considered for publication. All manuscripts should be comprehensible to the general reader and lead to improved decision making in clinical practice, medical education, research and policy. Types of articles include original research, review article, case reports, case series, descriptive and analytical research with clinical trials, short reports, special communications and letters to the editor. Clinical conference abstracts, special issues, articles regarding innovation and those related to research methods and reporting are also considered. Secondary research including narrative reviews, systematic reviews, evidence-based articles, meta-analysis, and practice guidelines will also be accepted. From time-to-time invited articles are included. MedERA-JCMH does not accept multiple studies/multiple end publications gathered/derived from a single research project, or data (wholly or in part) known as ‘salami slices’.


Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2023): MedERA-JCMHLMC
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This is the Issue 1 of Volume 5 of MedERA- Journal of CMH Lahore Medical College, published both online and in print form.

Published: 06-09-2023


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